Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Onam Sadya

Lots of memories comes to mind when I think about ONAM & ONAM  Holidays .
Looking at the wrist watch every min. during the final ONAM exam as it ends, reaching home full excited, then begins our ONAM holidays!
Swinging ,visiting cousins, playing , getting injured....we used to visit our Tharavad (Ancestoral home) during Onam holidays . Its the time we get meet rest of our family.  We are a group of 8 childrens and we play all kind o games. Nadanpandhu kali , cricket , sliding on the sand, fishing with towel .. it goes on.
When at home brother used to get flowers to make attam on our front courtyard,
sadya in banana leaf made by mom , watching special Onam programs in TV the rest of the day & after all enjoyments going back to school with dull faces to receive the corrected exam papers..all those memories make Onam very special to me.
Even I am so far away from home i tries to celebrate onam the way possible, so that my children get to know our culture more....

This was my ONAM sadya this year . Upperi,Parippu curry,Sambar,Erusseri,Vegetable koottu curry, vellarikka pachadi,pavakka pachadi, pineapple pulisseri , keera thoran, Carrot-Beans thoran, Aviyal, Pickles & pappadam followed with Ada payasam with pazham. Sambharam to drink in between. Also made Gulab Jamun .

ONAM came home 2 days early. Here we don't have any ONAM  olidays .Usually our weekdays goes by without any fun . Hectic work for both of us & our son who keeps us always buzy . Aware of this I made my sadya already on Sunday . My parents in laws were visiting us and I thought of giving them a surprise. Mom bought also plums pickles which we all love.

Usually in Kerala some other recipes are also included for sadya like Olan , Kalan , Sweet Betroot pachadi etc ..  there are so many dishes u can make, so i used to pick always some of them at once.

Some videos on how to make ONAM Sadya faster and easier. 
Video of how to make pal payasam,

Video of how to make 3 type of pachadis....sweet,salty & bitter for Thiruonam.
Beetroot pachadi,Vellarikka pachadi & Pavakka pachadi

Video of how to make fast Rasam and Parippu curry..for Thiruonam.

Video of how to make fast Kerala Sambhar curry..for Thiruonam.

Have a very happy and prosperous Thiruvonam !! :)

Bye ! Tschüs!


  1. Wow!!! thats really a wonderful spread OC!!

    thanks a lot for sending across!!
    hope u had a great time celebrating Onam:)

  2. ya all the time eating ...had a greatt time ;)
    Thanks rajeswari !

  3. So pleased you include some Indian recipes. My wife and I hope to visit Malaysia soon and will be heading straight for Little India in Penang.

  4. U hav to look for a South indian restaurant for all these veg. dishes to eat with rice. Ask for 'payasam'or 'gheer' as well which is the mouth watering dessert(if the cook is gud ther).
    Anyway hav a nice vacation in Malasya !!

  5. oH myyyy! What an amazing collection of Onam sadya recipes! I love all of these dishes and the presentation is superb!


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