Monday, 19 January 2009

Apple Cake - Apfel Kuchen


Apple cake or Apfel kuchen is most loved here in Germany and it can be made in a variety of ways .. with cream or crumbled topping or simply dusted with sugar and zimt (cinnamon ) .

The following recipe I got from my favourite german recipe site . Have baked it a couple of times at home, also made it for X'mas giveaway.

Things needed :
Apples 1kg
Butter 250 gm ( soft)
Eggs 5
Sugar 250 gm
Vanilla sugar 1 pack
All purpose flour 350 gm
Backing powder 1 pack
Powder sugar 2 sp ( for decorating)

Preparation method :

De skin the apples and cut into thin slices. Seeds should be removed.
Beat well the soft butter,sugar,Eggs & vanilla sugar.
Mix the flour & backing powder and add to the egg butter mixture using a sieve.
Mix well everything together.
Finally add the apple pieces to the cake batter , you can also keep some apple pieces for decorating on the top.Mix well.
Pour the cake batter to the spring form. Spread evenly using spatula.Decorate with some apple pieces.
Bake in 200 degrees for 30 min. with alu foil covered .without foil 15-20 min.
(Refer the pictures for better idea.)

Recipe Source :

Try this classic Apple cake at home and share your experience with me...


  1. The small packets of baking powder that you can buy in Germany are not available here in New Zealand. Could you please give me an indication how many teaspoons of baking powder I would need for the amount of flour, please. Also, I am surprised at the short time required for baking this cake. Is the indication of approx 20 minutes correct? I would have thought that about 50+ minutes would be required. The cake sounds yummy though and I would like to bake it.

  2. Hey Christel,

    1 packet of baking powder is exactly 15 gms
    & 2 full tea spoons for me . this 15 gm will be enough for 'till 500 gm of flour while baking.

    Since there are lot of apple inside it will take some time to bake to avoid the top getting dark we covered it with alufolio and baked for 30 min. removed the folio & baked for again 20 ( until the top gets baked ) we can actually see it through the transparent door

    We also love this cake a lot and used to make it in some occasions for some people here who really needs such things..apples are in plenty here ..i think the season this time starts on September right ...what about there in New Zealand ??

  3. Hi,
    Yesterday I made this recipe.
    Thank you very much for sharing it on-line, my cake was perfect. I followed the recipe as you said, I have a very hot oven so I cooked at 180 degrees.

  4. Hi Valeria,
    I am sooo happy when someone is trying out from my recipes ..hope the apfelkuchen was tasty.. its a commonly made kuchen here mostly in apfel season.

    keep in touch & enjoy baking!!

  5. Hello! When my dad was little, his Tante used to bake him an apple cake every year for his birthday. I thought I'd make one for him today, it's his birthday! His dad came over from Hannover, Germany before he was born! :) I've been googling "apple cake", and yours looks divine! Plus, it's the actual German recipe! I'm so excited, thank you for posting this!

  6. Hi, I am not sure where to get Vanilla sugar here in the US. Can you please let me know of what I can substitute it with? And how much of it? Tspn measure..or by weight measure.

  7. Hi Chandana,
    replace it with 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and a spoon of sugar .vanilla extract should be available there ..
    tell me after u made the cake k
    c u around

  8. @Natalie, so glad to c your msg .. we always bake here apple cake since appls are plenty , hav 2 more recipes u can check

  9. Thanks for the recipe
    I found because there was allot of apples I took some out and sprinkled sugar on the bottom and the put the Apple bits down then put the mixture on top
    I then cooked it and turned it upside down on the plate
    very yummy

    1. oyaaa u tried the upside version of the cake..never thought about that possibility. would lik to try it as well. thnkx for the tip :)

  10. that looks so good, what kind of apples did you guys use ?
    Or does it matter ?
    Thanks Eva

  11. Hi Eva,
    A bit sweet-sour or the sweet ones will do. I use always sweet ones naming Gala, but its always up to you.


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