Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ada Payasam

Ada payasamADA PRADHAMAN (Onam special)
This ada pradhaman I made for this Onam. Was finished very fast.

Things needed :
Ada - 1 packet 200gm
Chauvari (sago)- 1 packet 100 gm
Sharkkara (Jaggery) - 1 valiya piece , 400 gm
Elakka (Cardamom) - 3 crushed
Coconut milk - I used 3+1/2 packet coconut cream milk(200ml each) & 50gm of coconut powder
Chukku podi (gingwer powder) - 1 leveled tsp

Ghee - 7 tbsp
Nuts - 1 handful
Coconut pieces - 1 handful

Preparation method :
If the ada is long in size break them roughly .Wash & drain . Soak ada in water for 20 min.
Cook it in nonstick cooking vessel. Cook chauvari separate in another vessel adding water.
While both are cooking heat 1 cup water in another pot. Dissolve Jaggery in it. Strain it & keep it aside.
When ada is cooked drain it . Put it back to the nonstick cooking vessel.
Drain the cooked transparent chauvari also & add to ada.
Pour the Jaggery into this.Stir and cook.
While it is getting cooked heat ghee in a nonstick pan slightly roast nuts & well fry coconut pieces (should be brown but don't burn) .
Add this ghee to the cooking ada. Add 1 pack coconut milk & cook then the second & cook, dissolve the coconut powder in lil bit water & add to ada.
Reduce the heat to min.
Finally before finishing add another 1+1/2 pack coco. milk , ginger powder (mix it with 2 tbsp water ), crushed cardamom & fried nuts - coconut pieces. Mix well .
Set it aside from fire.


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