Thursday, 3 September 2009

Gulab Jamun

Gulab JamunGulab JamunGULAB JAMUN - fried milk balls immersed in sugar syrup !!

A short video to motivate you to make this delicious dessert.

Things needed :
Milk powder- 200
All purpose flour - 50 gm
Baking powder -1/2 tsp

Ghee / Oil for frying

sugar 300 gm
water 250 ml
Rose water - 2 tbsp

Preparation method :
Heat a cooking vessel . Make sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in water.Dont let it boil & turn brown. Add rose water into this . Syrup is ready.

In a bowl mix milk powder , flour & baking powder.
Knead dough adding little bit water.
Make small balls from the dough.
Deep fry in medium heat (use oil / Ghee) .Turn frequently until golden brown.
Put the fried balls in sugar syrup. For best results keep it in sugar syrup for min. 1 day.
Decorate with pista & badam or like you want.

                              This is my entry to Nithya & pavithra's Garnish the Dish event :)


  1. These are my absolute favourite! It sounds really easy - I'll have to try it sometime.

  2. Thanks a lot ! they are my favourite too !...i love almost all north indian sweets

  3. have been all the recipes of yours, including the hearty Onam Sadya. Just didnt get the time to sorry, Love the pics of the gulab jamun..really mouth watering.

  4. Jamun looks absolutely yummmm... I love them so much :)

  5. Wow the Jamun is real tempting dear.. Thanks for sending us for the event.. Looks so soft and yummy. I love jamun so much. By the way thanks for dropping my blog and for ur lovely comment.

  6. @Sujata Thanks a lot sujata..I like ur blog also very much ..very funny posts!!

    Thanks Nithya & comments are encouraging me to post more sweet recipes, which I have in my pc, but couldn't post cuz of lack of time !! see you both in ur artistic blogs !

  7. gulabjamun i am gonna try this very soon

  8. Thankx all !!! so grateful for ur feedback!!

  9. one of my favorite sweet dish item!!!

  10. In India everyone accept that this gulab jamun is one of the famous sweet in both north and south.

  11. Hello, i tried this but it came out hard. What am i doing wrong? :( Also all the other recipes have butter or ghee or fresh milk also, is one of these ingredients meant to be in here too?

    1. it could be that you added less water.. you dont need other ingredients will get it right next time..happy weekend and see you around.


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