Friday, 4 September 2009

Palada Pradhaman


Things Needed:
Ada - 1 packet , 200 gm
Milk - 3 litre approximately
Sugar - 1+1/4 cup approximately ( I used correct 15 tbsp)
Cardamom - 4 crushed
Ghee - 2 tbsp
Nuts -1 handful
Raisins - 1 handful

Preparation Method:
Soak ada in water for around 20 min . Wash & drain in cold water 2-3 times until water is clean.
Boil 2 litres milk in the deep cooking vessel . Add ada to this. Simmer well & let it cook. It will thicken.Add sugar into this and cook.
Meantime heat ghee in a nonstick pan. Roast cashews & raisins in this. Set it aside . Add the ghee to ada.
After ada is cooked check for sweetness , add more sugar if you want.
The payasam must be thick now , add the rest milk 1 litre or less , as per need to loosen it.
Add cardamom & fried nuts - raisins over it & finish.


  1. i posted a comment earlier as well, it did not appear why? wanted to know whats ada? is it rice flour?

  2. Hi sujata,

    I don't used to miss comments...but no idea what happened to the one before.

    Ada is a kind of flat noodles . It is only used to cook pradhavan( kerala festival time dessert) . Unfortunately I don't have one packet to show you cuz our Onam is already over so made dessert with it. I also googled a bit but couldn't find a pic. When I buys it I will post a picture here.

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  4. Wow.. this is something really delicious. :) yummm.. sure to try it out soon.

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  5. ooff this jamun is too tempting.wish i could have one piece right now..buttt..what to way u can parcel it..right?

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  7. I love payesam very much.You have presented very beautifully with mouth watering picture. I will definitely prepare it.


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