Monday, 17 November 2008

Wheat or Gothambu Battura

Wheat or Gothambu Battura Recipe

I got this recipe from one old magazine which my mom send me from India.
You can also make it using all purpose flour or maida , here is the recipe for Maida batttura .

Things needed :
Atta - 2 cup
Baking powder - 1/4 tsp
Milk -1/2 cup or like needed
Yogurt - 1 sp
Ghee 2 sp
Egg -1

Salt -1/4 tsp
Oil - enough to fry

Mix Atta, Baking powder & salt together in a big bowl .
Add other ingredients ( Egg , Ghee , Yogurt, milk) and mix very well.

Cover the top of the bowl with a wet cotton cloth.
Keep it aside for 2 hrs.

Make small balls out of the dough.
In a wooden board roll out the balls into round shape using a rolling pin .

Fry these in the oil turning both sides .

As you can see in the picture this recipe makes very pretty n soft Batturas ... Its worth a try.

I had it with my tasty spicy Vegetable Kuruma . It also goes well with Egg Curry.



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