Sunday, 9 November 2008

Maida Battura

BATTURA - Battura Recipe using All purpose flour(plain flour) or maida

Battura-A bread made using flour,egg and milk.
This Battura recipe makes use of all purpose flour to make Battura instead of Gothambu , like in my Gothambu battura recipe.

Things needed :

3 cups All purpose flour (Weizen mehl )
2 eggs
milk 1/4 cup
water according to need
baking soda 1/4 (optional), (I didnt add this)

Preparation Method :

Take flour in a big bowl .
Mix in Egg, milk, salt & baking soda into flour & mix well beating it . Pour water if needed .
Don't add extra water .
It should be enough tough so that we can make balls out of it.

Cover with a wet cloth. (So that the moisture may remain) .
Keep aside for 1 hr.

Now check the dough , it will be very smooth by this time.

Make balls of the dough.

& spread it round using a Rolling pin . Apply flour both sides when necessary to avoid sticking.

Deep fry in a pan, turning both sides.

I served it with an Egg Curry.



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