Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dry Egg curry

Dry Egg curry Recipe

Dry Egg curry


Things needed:

Boiled Eggs 4
5 large onions sliced
2 tomatoes cut into big cubes
spices cardamom 3 ,cloves 6-7 , fennel seeds 1 small tsp
1/2 tsp turmeric,1 tsp chilly powder

Cardamom 3 ,Cloves 6-7 , Fennel seeds 1 small tsp ...All crushed.

Heat oil in a nonstick pan.
Add onions & saute , till it turns brown like in the picture .

Add turmeric,chillypowder & enough salt, mix them well .

Add tomatoes,saute & cook for another 2 minutes. (Dont saute too much so that the tomatoes gets mashed, I personally like it to be in its form.)

Mix in the spices .(The whole kitchen starts smelling...hmmmmm.)
Saute , check for the salt .
Cook until the tomatoes gets cooked .

Time for the eggs.
Make 4-5 slits around the boiled eggs .
Cover it with the cooked onions.
Another 1 minute & my Egg curry is ready to go with Battoora or Puri,Naan or Couple of chappathis .

Made this Dry egg curry on a fine Sunday morning & had it with Battura..
A must try curry :)



  1. looks so good..will go good with parotta also..

  2. hmm... yummy recipe.. thnx

  3. Thnxxx..... hope we wl get som good recipesss

  4. Came here looking for a dry egg curry. You have a lovely space.


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