Sunday, 17 April 2011

New York Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

White chocolate is my Hus's fav. & cheesecake mine's . So they both turned out to be a good combination. !
Enjoy the Recipe !! Good Morning !!

Things Needed:

200 g Keks (Amarettini)
100 g Butter
200 g + 20gm White Chocolate
100 g Crème double (or Creme fraiche)
600 g Cream Cheese (Frischkäse)
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar
100 g powder sugar

Preparation Method:

Preheat oven to 180 °, grease springform pan.
Crumble biscuits (with rolling pin for example).Melt butter and mix with Amarettini crumble.
Spread this over the baking pan and press firmly.
Bake for 10 minutes.

Chop 200 g chocolate and melt with double cream over low heat.
Mix Cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar until smooth.
Stir in cooled chocolate cream.
Pour this mixture on the Amarettini base &
spread evenly.
Level the top and refrigerate for about 6 hours.

After cooled down remove the cake carefully from the pan.
Slice the rest 20gm chocolate and use for the decoration.
Can also use Amarettini's for deco , be creative.


  1. Hi,your Cheese cake looks very delicious...You want to know about my Camera, It is Sony Cyber-shot 3.2 Mega Pixels..It is a old model..I want to buy a new one because of macro shooting...

  2. thankx Cali!!
    oh wow! no wonder y ur pics r so beautiful..i hav a Canon but still working on the angles n distances to get that professional charm.may be hav to buy seperate lens for it, which is costly.

  3. Mu oh my it looks so tasty..:P
    never knew there was such a thing as white chocolate cheese cake. thanks for sharing the recipe :)



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