Friday, 1 July 2011

Carrot cake

I actually wanted to publish this on Easter. But as son's kinder garten started time is high& i am always in a run. Better late than never :)
Hope you will enjoy this recipe from GU !!

Things Needed :
Grated carrots - 125gm
Eggs -4
Suagr - 125gm
Oil - 200ml
Carrot juice -200ml
Walnuts/Hazelnuts , chopped -200 gm
All purpose flour- 300gm
Backing powder -1pkt

Topping & Filling :
200gm powder sugar & 2 sp lemonjuice.

Preparation Method:
Preheat the oven to 180degrees
Mix flour with back powder seperately.
Beat egg & sugar until thick creamy. Add oil & carrot juice into this & mix.
Mix in the grated carrots. Chopped walnuts.
Add the flour with back powder into this and mix.
Pour this into the back form & back for 45 min.

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  1. Delicious carrot cake :) Love the look of it :)


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