Thursday, 14 April 2011

Valentines day in Wiesbaden

Was doing something in my garden & my hus planned to go out. He said let's just drive along the streets hearing some music. I was not in my pretty dress but anyway hurried up thinking to come back home before its dark. He was driving n driving & reached Wiesbaden. First time after coming here i got impressed by the buildings n churches here , looking very very rich with concrete decorations around the windows , in the cieling , each of them must be costing more than a million !! Very antique looking buildings , streets reminded me of paris ..finely decorated with plants n so!

We stopped for a coffee in a small Coffee shop seeing the lovely wedding cakes decorated with marzipan in the showcase . Also ordered for a piece of Nusskuchen (nut cake) & an apfelstrüdel . We had a nice time there. Even if we tried to wake him up son was sleeping tired in his kinderwagen. Then we returned home thinking of going there one more time on daytime .


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