Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fun at Weihnachtsmarkt !!

Weihnachtsmarkt ,Frankfurt

A glimpse of Römer

We got time last week to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Frankfurt.Its starts from one end of Ziel , goes through the beautiful Römer & ends near the Main river.This markt always tops in appearance as well as the number of visitors here . Its one of the important markts in Germany.

I still remember the previous year ,we were lost almost like a needle in the hay, can't walk well , can't take photos , people everywhere . This time we were wiser & earlier so was able to take some snaps of the great fest.
Anyone will love it there..... smell of fresh food on the air, country music & all those colorfulshops .. A must to see thing once you are here .

We first stopped for a Hungarian Langosch (also called Langos). There was one Hungarian lady standing there making all fast-fast.

Hus got one Langosch with Schinken -garlic (4 euro) & I got one with grated cheese(3.5 euro) .

Both were crispy, soo tasty !! I also tried them at home & will post the recipe soon.

Then we walked for a while ,passed through some colorful shops of candies,sweets,decorations etc..
Lebkuchenhaus -Gingerbread House
Now I will make this lebkuchenhaus SOME DAY!!!.. till then i will be making it in my dreams.
Looking almost like farmville.Naaa lemme are available in chefkoch . give me bit time

More Lebkuchen in heart shapes. Is actually a nice thing to gift your sweetheart. (umm......Hus is not paying attention, sad me :( .... )

a store full of stars, soooo colorful..... also bit costly for us.

Finally I started to crave for something sweet, so we stopped in a sweet shop.
The last year I bought one from these piggies . Now look here the brothers & sisters of my piggie. All are rich n fat & made of marzipan !!

A glimpse to the sea of candies . they are all varieties of chocolates like.... chilly choco, strawberry - chilli choco (are you saying 'yikes' in mind like me), mint choco, Bombay curry ( oh I wonder wot is in it ...must be coriander) then the irresistible sahne truffel (cream version), Butter caramel, walnuts, Cappuccino & a lot more ...

& not to forget the chocolate coated fresh fruits...banana, Kiwi, strawberry& similar berries , Apple etc.
We bought for us these two ummm??? umm???.. it was a mix of sliced nuts (i think hazelnuts) covered with white & dark chocolate. White for him & dark for me :)
Then we wandered around a bit . Everything went peacefully as my son was sleeping, partially bad as he is missing so many things....we tried to wake him up but he slept anyway.

X'mas decorated rides...

There are more pics, but will finish with this one.

All of all we had fun this time in the Weihnachtsmarkt . Thanks for reading !!

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