Sunday, 5 December 2010

X'mas give away time - Apfel-nuss kuchen

Its the 1st Sunday of Dezember. Today I was in the church after a loong time. When was the last time ? don't remember.
Church was almost empty as most of the young people here won't show up in church until X'mas (like me..lolz).
Couldn't understand wot the priest said, the German was like official n tuff . Now what happened today was one old lady captured my full attention , she came a bit late & was looking very different . I was looking at her time to time like magnet.
Hair was very wet & curly & not at all dried , as if just after shower .....can't imagine in this cold weather , was carrying a loong fancy pink umbrella, then one dark pink pants with lots of design n gilt ...must be from summer , seeing which I recognized that shez one of the women living in the streets.
She was wearing all she could to keep her warm in this cold winter . old but tidy boots, one long shawl, another wool thing covering her. It seems like she tried her best to look also good ..was wearing a red lipstick & took bath in this cold cold winter morning.. its like -7 degrees today.
What to say....I am full of respect for her . Even in such bad life situations she didn't let her spirit die. You need a lot of tolerance for it . Most of us can't.
Every day I have something to pray n today I prayed for her during the mass.
Once again may god bless my old lady & also you for stopping by :) !

Now comes my X'mas giveaway kuchen recipe : This time it is a crunchy delicious bailey's German apple-nuts cake . No time to make glamorous pictures as I hav to make as manyas possible.
Nutty Fruity - Apple Nuts Cake

Like my first give away this recipe is also from my favourite site

Things Needed :

Apple - 3 or 4 ( when they are big)
Sugar - 150gm
Eggs - 2
Butter - 60 gm, soft
Bailey's Irish cream - 4 tbsp ( can also use any sahne liquor)
All purpose flour - 200 gm
Backing powder - 1 leveled tsp ( or 25gm)
Hazel nuts - 3 tbsp roughly crushed

Sliced Almonds

Sugar Topping:
Powder sugar -4 tbsp
Rum aroma -3 drops

Preparation Method :

Peel off skin of apples & keep aside.
Cover the bottom of spring form (26cm ) with backing paper, grease the sides with butter .
Preheat oven to 180 degree.

First beat well sugar butter & egg until creamy.
Add sahne liquor to this n mix.
Mix flour & backing powder seperate in a bowl .
Add this flour using a sieve to the egg mixture in 2 batches .
When all are good mixed. Pour this batter to greased spring form .
Add the crushed Hazel nuts to this, spread well.
Note:the batter is soft but now flowy. It is good so because we want it to hold on the apples.I mean no panic :)
Now slice apples n place in the batter . Press slightly so that it will stuck in the flour. You can shape them up like u want .For example like this.

Brush top of apple with some oil . Sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Again spread some almond slices . Bake in preheated oven for 35-40 min.
Check by inserting a wooden skewer , if it comes out clean then its done.
For sugar topping mix powder sugar , rum aroma & few drops of water in a bowl. Pour over the done cake when warm.


  1. Oh wie lecker das aussieht :-)

  2. ja, schmeckt auch ganz lecker. Willst du mal in Weihnachtsferien probieren? :)


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