Monday, 31 August 2009

Mango Charlotte

This is a pudding like Torte , with a cheese - gelatin - fruit filling bordered with fruit rolls . You can save a lot of work if you use ready made rolls . Different varieties of fruit rolls are available in markets like Strawberry , Raspberry , Blueberry and so on. When the first time when I made it I started from the scratch , ie made the rolls like mentioned in my recipe book .Second time I used Blueberry rolls for making this torte for a party, was finished very fast in almost an hour. No baking , no waiting. Fast as well as beautiful !
This is my entry to Raji's Anniversary Cake Event .

Things needed :

For making the rolls :
Eggs - 4 ( Whites n yolks seperated )
Sugar - 200 gm (80 gm+20 gm
All purpose flour - 125 gm
Backing powder - 1 tsp
Raspberry(Himbeer) Jam - 150 gm

For making the filling :
Gelatin - 12 leaves
Ripe Mangoes - 2 or 3 mangoes ( about 1 kg)
Lime Juice - 3 tbsp
(Quark in German) Sour Cream Cheese - 500 gm
Whipping cream - 125 gm

some extra sugar to make the rolls.
backing paper -1
A cotton cloth ( square shape n of the size of the backing tray.)
Cling Film

Preparation method :

Preparing the rolls :
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees . Separate egg whites n yolks.
Beat egg yolks with 2 tbsp water and 80 gm sugar until creamy.
In another bowl beat egg white adding 20 gm until stiff . Mix this into creamy egg yolks.
Mix flour and backing powder together and introduce into the egg mixture using sieve.
Mix with a spatula.
Pour this into a backing tray covered with backing paper. Bake for around 13 minutes or until done .

While it is baking make a sugar bed for the roll.
For that spread some sugar thick on the cotton cloth . Spread it in square shape .
Put the baked cake on the sugar , the side with the baking paper facing the top.
Note : Another point is that the rolling n everything should be done when the cake is little bit warm . While it becomes brittle n breaks up when thoroughly cold .
Now we will remove the backing paper. For that brush some cold water on the backing paper.
Gently remove the backing paper.

Now apply the Raspberry Jam evenly on the surface. Roll the cake from the long side .
Note : we want only 2 rounds in the rolls so you can cut & adjust the cake like needed.
Remember one side will be sugar and other side will be Jam. Toll na !

Cut the long roll into 1 cm thick rounds n keep aside.

Preparing the Mango pudding for the Charlotte :
Take some water in a small bowl n put the Gelatin leaves in it so as to keep it wet.
Peel the mangoes.First cut 200 gm mangoes into small cubes n keep aside .
Next take 450 gm of mangoes and make a puree in the mixer adding Lime juice. ( don't add water to make puree).
Heat a nonstick pan.Add the puree into the pan. When it warms up add Gelatin into it and allow to dissolve, mixing. Mix in the sour cream cheese ( Quark) and 100 gm sugar and mix well .
Toss in the cut mango pieces . Mix all together and remove from the heat. Allow it to cool down for some time .

while we can make the covering of the Charlotte.
Take a round shaped bowl. Cover the bowls inner surface with Cling film.
Arrange the cut rolls side by side close to one another , covering the bowl.
Keep some rolls aside for covering the top side after filling the bowl with the mango pudding.
Note:While arranging the rolls inside the bowl there may be small spaces left in between the rolls. It is better to fill this spaces with Chopped nuts for eg : Hazel nut or almonds. So as to keep the charlotte beautiful.

Next Whip the cream until stiff . Mix this cream with the mango mixture(it should be cooled down by now). Pour this pudding mixture into the bowl covered with the rolls .
Finally finish by covering the pudding top with rest rolls.
Refrigerate until the pudding becomes thick (around 5 hrs or so)
Finally transfer this pudding charlotte into a flat plate . Remove the cling film.


  1. This is just BRILLIANT! I am going to give this a try sometime!

  2. This is fantastic! So innovative! i'll def will be trying this soon!, will let u know, thanks once again for sharing!

  3. Hey are you professional baker or what? Just browsed thru all your Cakes and torte recipes Omg Its stunning looks awesome, Gorgeous... Will try out some time. Hats off to your work and thanks for sharing with all of us.

  4. Thanks a ton for your comments !!!

    Thanks SJ
    Thanks Nags
    Thanks Parita , try it & let me know.
    Thanks a lot pavithra . You have been so sweet . C you later in ur blog !!

  5. I think u r the best cook i have ever known and u have sooooooo much talents . Thanks alot for sharing with us.
    Btw I am Girl and i Love icecream too.:)

  6. thnx a lot Anony ur feedback is like ice cream to my ears ;)


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