Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Apfel Strudel


Strudel is part of Austrian cuisine . There are many variations of strudel of which Apple strudel (Apfel strudel) is the most popular one. In Austrian Cafes they serve Apple strudel with cream or vanilla sauce and coffee.

Things needed : 

Apple - 750 gm
Puff pastry - 6 slices
Cashew nuts -1 handful
Walnuts -1 handful
Brown sugar - 2 sp or according to your need.
I used very sweet apples of Gala variety , so I didn't had to use lot of sugar.
Egg - 1 , beaten , to brush on the strudels
Powder sugar - to sprinkle on the finished strudel

Preparation method :

De skin the apples , cut into slices. Seeds and stem should be removed .

Chop both nuts . Mix Apples , nuts and sugar in a bowl and mix well . Filling for the strudel is ready.

Take a slice of puff pastry. Roll it on all sides using a rolling pin , on a wooden board.

Follow the pictures that for spinach strudel to make a strudel package .
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Place them all on a baking tray .
Make slits on the strudel using knife.

Brush the beaten egg on the strudel . This gives a glow to its surface also makes it crispier.
Bake until it is done.

Sprinkle powder sugar when hot.

Serve it with some cream or vanilla sauce on top.



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