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Sweet German Bread - Campingwecken

Campingwecken Recipe

This is a standard german breakfast. Very tasty to have with butter. In each bite you can sense the sweetness of dry grapes inside.

Things needed :

All purpose flour 500 gm
Margarine 75 gm
Sugar 50 gm
Egg 1
Salt 1 tsp
Dry yeast - 1 small packet
Milk 225 ml
Sugar (Hagelzucker) - 75 gm
Dry grapes or sultanas - some, 2 handful

For brushing: 1 egg

Preparation method :

Beat well margarine & sugar .
Add egg ,Salt ,Milk ,Dry yeast and beat well.
To this add flour and knead well to make the dough .

Keep aside this for 10 min.

Take the dough and partition int into 2 equal parts. One for the outer surface and one for the inside portion which contains Sugar & dry grapes.

Mix the dry grapes and Hagel sugar with one part and knead well.

Now make equal number of balls out of the 2 doughs.

Spread the plain dough in a wooden board into round using a rolling pin.
You can spread enough flour into the board and pin to avoid sticking when you want.

The round should be thicker.

Now place the dough with dry grapes into it .
and try to cover the ball , close the edges to make a ball.

Please refer the pictures for a good idea.

Do the same with rest of the pairs.

Place all in a tray (keep some distance between the balls since they will expand during baking) , covering with a wet cotton. Keep like this for an hour.

After 1 hr we can bake the bread.

Turn the ball around to face the smooth surface .

Beat 1 egg and paint on the visible surfaces of the ball.

Make a slit on the middle. Place Crystal sugar on the sides of the slit.

Bake for 20 min. in 175 degrees , or until the bread gets a golden color.

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  1. I really want to try this recipe, it sounds and looks absolutely delicious!!! I'm having a hard time converting this recipes into oz. According to my calculations I would need 2 0z of yeast!!! It sounds like too much, but again, I have never tried this recipe before, I really hope you can help!!

    Regards from Tx!!!


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