Friday, 24 March 2017

Pumpkin Cream Soup


Just love the Autumn for  all the colours it has to, yellow, orange, red and brown.

It was the harvest time both for us and the wild bunnies behind our Garden.

We got lot of Raspberries, Tomatoes, Red current berries Strawberries and 3 big Pumpkins this time...

The Pumpkins were mostly green as I plucked em. Stored them in a carton in the Basement. Found them full in orangish yellow after 3 weeks.

I have made the soup a couple of times now. Its healthy .
Always loved by my people :)

Things needed :

1/2 Pumpkin - peeled, cut into chunks 5 cup around
White radish - 1 big whole, peeled cut into chunks
Carrot - 1 big
Potato - 1 cup

Chicken broth - 2 sp
Parsley leaves
Cream - 200 ml

Preparation method:

Peel and cut all Vegetables into big chunks .
Cook all vegetables covered adding chicken broth and water ( water level should be lower to the vegetables).
When done add 150 ml cream, parsley leaves, puree using a stabb mixer.
Serve hot pouring some cream on top .


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