Friday, 6 March 2015

Black Forest Cake


A warm ,,Hi" to everyone,
 its been a while since I posted a cake recipe.

Winter is the best time to bake. 
Sweet things are always in demand, chocolates always in ur cupboard 
and so many fruits in the freezer.
We were getting ready for our vacation and I just remembered about the frozen cherries that my mother in law plucked last summer. So thought of making Black forest cake.

Recipe reference my fav.

Things Needed :

For cake:
All purpose flour - 100 gm
Corn starch - 50 gm
Backing powder - 2 tsp

Dark bitter chocolate - 150 gm
Butter - 75 gm

Eggs - 6

Sugar - 200 gm

For the filling:
Corn starch - 4 tbsp
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Cherries - 600 gm
Cherry juice - 400 ml

Whipping cream - 800 ml

Vanilla sugar - 3 tsp ( if vanilla essence - 4 drops )

For Decoration:
Sugar coated cherries
Bitter/ grated chocolate

Preparation Method:

1) Mix flour, corn starch & backing powder. Set aside.
Melt chocolate with butter over a hot water bath.
Separate the egg white & yolks.

2) Beat egg white till thick & creamy & keep aside.

3) Beat egg yolk with sugar till thick & creamy.
To the egg yolk - sugar mix, add molten chocolate .
To this add flour mix using a sieb.

4) Fold in the egg white finally & transfer the batter into a pan.
Bake in 175 degrees for 40 min. Set aside to cool down.

Cutting n Layering

1) For making the cherry filling, 
Dissolve 4 sp corn starch & sugar in some cherry juice.
Boil the rest cherry juice & mix in the cornstarch-mix into this.
Cook by stirring continuously.
Add the 600 gm cherries to this. Let it cool down a bit.

2) For the cream filling,
Whip cream with vanilla sugar/essence. 

3) To layer,
3) Cut the cooled down cake twice horizontally.
One is for the Cherry sauce n cream and another for the cream filling.

4) Apply thick cherry sauce over the first layer of the cake
& then apply cream over the cherry sauce carefully.
Close with the second layer of the cake.

5) Apply only cream over the second layer.

6) After placing the top layer, apply cream overall the cake.

7) Decorate with grated chocolate &  candied cherries.


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