Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Austrian Apple Strudel

Its a old traditioned Austrian dish.
Had it first in a restaurant in Wiesbaden.
Grateful to for the great recipe !

Things needed: 

For the Base:
250 g All purpose flour
1 Egg
100 ml Lukewarm water
20 ml Oil

For die Filling:
100 g Breadcrumbs
50 g Butter
120 g Sugar
10 g Cinnamon
170 g Rosinen
2 tbsp Zitronensaft
1 kg Apple
1 pinch Rum aroma
Some extra Butter, Sugar & Flour for the preparation.

Preparation Method :
For the Base: Knead well the ingredients 5 min. to make a dough . Apply 3 tbsp oil to the surface & keep aside in a vessel closed with a wet cloth for half hour . Spread some flour in a backing paper,place the dough in a backing paper & roll it out to a thin long square using a rolling pin. Brush with melten butter.

For the filling:
Heat butter in pan. Roast breadcrumbs g
oldenbraun in it . Mix in cinnamon & sugar.
Then add rosinen,lemon juice,rum aroma & apples. Mix everything well.
Let it cook for 5 minutes mixing.

When the filling is ready place it on one half of the base dough. Close it with other half. Seal & bake in 175 degrees until golden braun.

After baking is done brush the strudel with butter. Cut them into required slices & let them cool.

e with powdered sugar & vanilla sauce. U can use the same vanilla sauce in DampfNudel recipe.


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