Monday, 12 April 2010

Poori masala

Poori Masala
Poori masala is one of the most eated restaurant foods . I made it on a sunday for dinner.The outcome was great...masala turned out to b superb one & plates are emptied in secs .so here is the recipe.
4 Poori:
For making pooris .Take 3 cup flour in a vessel. Add 1tspbaking powder into this (optional) . Take a cup of water . Add 1 tsp salt into the water & mix . Pour water into the flour. Make dough out of it. set this dough aside for 10 min. Make small balls out of the dough . Roll them out into round shapes using roll pin. Deep fry in oil until golden brown.

4 Masala:

Things Needed:
Mustard seeds
Chana Dal - 1 tbspoon
Ginger chopped - 1 tbspoon
Green chillies - 2 chopped
Currey leaves - 1 spring

Turmeric - 1 levelled tsp
Onions - 2 chopped
Potatoes - 6 , boiled , peeled & cut into cubes

Preparation Method:
Heat oil . Splutter mustard seeds.
Add 1 spoon chanadal, 1 sp chopped ginger , 2 chopped green chillies , 1 spring curry leaves into this . Saute & fry.
Add 1 levelled tsp turmeric to the oil. Add onions, salt , saute & fry until onions are transparent . Add 1/2 cup water to this .
Finally add the boiled cut potatoes . Mix all softly with a spoon . Close and cook for 5 min in low flame.

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