Monday, 31 August 2009

3 or 4 Layered Butter Cream Cake


My son  turned 1 and  it was  his very first Birthday party. After some experimentation finally we have decided to make this 4 layered butter cream cake with some huge changes in decorations & layering .

This cake was a huge hit and i recieved lot of very positive feedback from my guests. I am writing the recipe here properly down for later use and also for remembrance.

Butter Cream (top)

Chocolate cake

Butter cream

Hazelnut cake

Strawberry jam

Plain cake (bottom)

As we made the torte for our son we repeated the Hazelnut cake layer to make it 4 layer.

We divided the butter cream mix into 2 portions.
One portion we left how it is , white. The other portion we mixed nutella to make it dark .

It became colourful this way!!

This is my entry to Raji's Anniversary Cake Event .

Things needed :

Dough 1 :
Eggs - 2
Sugar - 125 gm
Oil - 100 ml
Orange juice - 100 ml
All purpose flour - 150 gm
Backing powder - 1/2 packet

Dough 2 :
Eggs - 2
Sugar - 125 gm
Oil - 100 ml
Orange juice - 100 ml
All purpose flour - 150 gm
Cacao powder - 5 tbsp
Backing powder - 1/2 packet

Dough 3 :
Eggs - 2
Sugar - 125 gm
Oil - 100 ml
Milk - 100 ml
Hazelnuts - 100 gm (ground)
All purpose flour - 150 gm
Backing powder - 1/2 packet

For creaming :
Butter - 500 gm (soft)
Powder sugar - 200 gm
Vanilla pudding powder - 2 packet
Milk - 1 litre (to make the vanilla pudding)
Strawberry Jam - 6 tbsp ( should be soft , blend to avoid lumps if any)

For decoration : You can bring up your own ideas.I used myself chopped Hasselnuts & 2 packs chocolate waffle rolls and a white glazing .

Preparation method :
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
For preparing dough 1, beat egg well adding sugar until thick cream.
Mix in Oil and Juice .
Mix flour & backing powder separately in a bowl.Add this to the mixture using a sieve in 2 batches. Mix using a spatula.
Pour this into a greased spring form , 29 cm. Bake for 15 - 20 min. or until it is done .
Please note different oven takes different times, my oven is very hot n bakes things fast.

Make the dough 2 the similar way . Only new thing to add is the cacao powder . Bake it & set aside.

Next for dough 3 , Grind 100 gm hazel nuts in the grinder. Use a sieve to avoid chunks .
Repeat the same procedure like before . Add hazelnuts then flour n baking powder.Bake it & set aside.

Now for making the butter cream for the butter cream torte , prepare the vanilla pudding according to the instructions written on the package . For this you require 1 litre milk .
Set it aside to cool down completely.

Beat the butter with powder sugar. Add the pudding to this spoon by spoon and beat.
The cream should be creamy and thick.

Next in the 3 baked layers, cut & remove any projected portions to make it flat using a long sharp knife.

Apply Strawberry jam uniformly over the dough 1 . Place the dough 3 ( with hazelnuts) over it.
Apply 1/4 th of the butter cream over dough 3. Now place dough 2 over this.

Fill a pastry bag with the butter cream and make flowers or decorations like you wanted. Be creative !
I myself used a white chocolate glaze over it , so that I can write something down there. Then decorated the sides with butter cream and Hazelnuts.


  1. This looks like the work of a professional baker - you did a lovely job decorating it! :-)

  2. Thanks ya, it was son's 1st birthday we payed lot of attention on it :)

  3. you have such a brilliant blog..i just have to add you to my list...awesome pics too..

  4. thanks yar . thanks for dropping by!

  5. how much as 1/2 package for baking powder?

  6. 1/2 package is around one levelled teaspoon baking powder.


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