Monday, 22 June 2009

Stracciatella Kirsch torte

This post is about a wonderful torte i had recently .The
utterly butterly delicious 'Stracciatella Kirsch torte'. I never had something like that before . Stracciatella flavour was not new to me as I already used to eat a lot of Stracciatella ice cream .
But this torte's speciality is that it has got this wonderful kirschen ( german cherries ) flavour & It is blessed with chocolate .... it was sooo soft and delicate and it simply melted into the mouth ....yumm...Its available frowen in the stores here like Rewe and Tenkelmann and is around 7 Euros . Worth the price. I bought it total 4 times ..afraid to buy more due to health concerns..each time we buy , I am eating the major portion of it.


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