Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentines day Special - Cake balls

Cake balls

All I had this time on Valentines day was some left over cake pieces to make this cake balls .
Aren't they charming ? I need yet to experiment more with cake balls .
The first cake balls I had was with chocolate from Trivandrum Eastern bakery. I will try to make similar one soon...

Things needed :
Cake (any)
White chocolate glazing 1 packet
Butter or Nutella ( Chocolate paste)

Preparation method :
Make small balls out of the cake . Use some butter or Nutella (chocolate paste ) , whatever you have to make it moist and to get into shape of a ball.
Set the balls aside and let them rest for 10 min.

Melt the chocolate glazing (white or dark chocolate,doesnt matter ) in the Microwave , instructions will be written in the packet itself.

Using a fork dip the cake balls into the melt chocolate and place it in a foil paper.
Spread some decorations for cookies over it ,available in stores in different colors and shapes . I used chocolate vermicelli (schocolade streusel) for it.
Ready to serve after cooling.
Happy Valentines day !!


  1. Hi,

    Happy Valentine's day! Your chocolate cake ball looks yummy and tempts me to try out.

    Loved browsing thru your food blog. Let me introduce myself. I am Anu, a novice blogger from My Scrawls.

    Do visit my blog (Anu's Kitchen) when u get time. Would be happy to receive your comments:-)

  2. Thanks Anu for stopping by...Happy Valentines Day to you too !!


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