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RotkäppchenKuchen Recipe

ROTKÄPPCHEN KUCHEN (Little Red Riding Hood Cake)

Things needed :
Red Cherries - 1 glass around 125gm
All purpose flour 200 gm
Butter 100 gm ( soft)
Eggs 3
Sugar 150 gm
Vanilla sugar 1 pack
Backing powder 1 pack
Milk 2 sp
Nutella(Chocolate cream) or Cacao powder 2 sp

For Cream Layer:
Whipping Cream - 1 bottle 200 gm
Whipped cream stiffener (Sahnesteif )- 3 pack
Quark or sour cream cheese - 250gm
Vanilla sugar - 2 packs
Sugar - 3sp

For red topping:
1 Pack. red Glaze (Tortenguss)
Sherry juice - some spoons to dilute the glaze.

Preparation method :
Cut the sherries into halves removing its seeds.
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Mix well Butter, Sugar & Vanilla sugar . Add eggs one by one and beat well. Add milk.

Combine flour & baking powder separately & add to the beaten egg mixture using a sieve. Add it in 2-3 batches. Mix well to make the cake batter.

Pour 1/2 or more of the batter into a greased spring form,to make the white base.

Take the left out batter and mix it with Nutella(Cacao powder). Spread this batter gently over the top of the batter in the spring form to make the brown colored chocolate layer above it.

Now place the sherries on top of the chocolate layer.

Bake for around 40 min. in the oven .
Should be like in the picture on right >

Check by inserting a toothpick in the centre to see if its done, it should come out clean.

Next for tasty cream layer,
Beat well the whipping cream to make it cream, add Whipped cream stiffener to it.

Add Quark (sour cream cheese ) , vanilla sugar & sugar to it and beat well .

Pour the Quark mixture on top of the baked base. Refrigerate it until all is set.

Place some sherries on top for decoration.

For making the Glaze , mix the glaze powder with the Sherry juice and heat in a pan. Let it cool for some 10 seconds Pour the red mixture evenly on top of the cream layer.
Note : Read the preparation method written on the back side of your Glaze pack. Sometimes you don't even need to heat the mixture.

Allow to cool everything. Rotkäppchen Torte is ready to melt into your mouth...yummyy



  1. The pictures are just beautiful and the recipes are great.

  2. Those red things are called cherries!

  3. oh i wrote it as sherries....oops!!! spelling mistake..thnkx Anony!!


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