Friday, 2 January 2009

Vanille - Kipferl

Vanille - Kipferl Recipe

This Kipferl is delicious and it simply melts into the mouth

Things needed :

All purpose flour - 275 gm
Salt 1 pinch
Sugar 100 gm
Butter 200gm
Almonds powdered - 100 gm

For covering the cookie:
Powder sugar
Vanilla sugar ( white in color) - 1 pack

Preparation method :

Mix first butter , sugar, salt and then flour ,almonds to make the cookie dough.

Cool overnight.

Then form small moon like shapes with your hands.

Bake in the over for 10-12 min . in 180 degrees temperature.

After cooling cover the kipferl with a mix of powdered sugar & vanilla sugar.
This vanilla sugar gives a pleasant aroma for the kipferl so when you take each kipferl to bite its flavour makes you crave for it.


  1. i think the recipes should be measured in cups and not in grms. it is very difficult to measure in gms as I dont hsve a kitchen scale.

  2. sorry ..the problem is that many people uses many different cups , so the propotion may differ. gm is somewhat accepted everywhere.its like a global measure.
    I always had trouble using cups . whenever I tries some recipes converting from cup to gram , it turns into b catastrophes . so I will stick with gms.

    I also never used any kitchen scale until started baking . y don't u get one to try out some recipes .
    have fun :)


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