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Russian Cheese cake - Russische zupfkuchen

Russische zupfkuchen Recipe

Russische  zupfkuchen


Things needed :

All purpose flour - 300gm
Sugar - 180gm
Butter - 200gm ( soft , at room temperature)
Eggs - 2
Cacao powder - 40gm
Backing powder - 1 packet

For the filling:
Sugar - 150 gm
Eggs - 3
Quark - 500 gm ( German sour cream)
Sweet Cream 200 gm ( If you have unsweetened cream then add 3 spoons of powder sugar to it)
Vanilla sugar - 1 packet
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Butter - 70 gm (soft , at room temperature)
Preparation method :

For the Base:

Mix all the dry ingredients flour,backing powder,sugar,cacao powder in a vessel.
Make a well in the middle .
Put egg & butter.
Knead well to make the chocolate base.

Keep aside 1/4 th of the batter.
Spread the rest of the batter into base & sides of the springform using a spatula. Refer picture.

For the Filling:

Beat well butter & sugar , so that the sugar will get almost dissolved in the butter.Add 3 eggs one at a time and beat for 1 min. Then add Quark , sweet cream ( usual cream + 3 spoons of powdered sugar) , vanilla sugar, salt also and beat everything well to make the filling .

Pour the filling on top of the base evenly.

Take the 1/4 of the base now & either make forms of it and put on top of the cheese filling or simply make balls and put on the cheese filling you prefer.

For the first time doers :
Keep in mind that the chocolate forms that you put on top will melt a little bit while baking and will go down. So you can make the forms thicker .

Bake for 1 hr in 180 degree temperature.

I baked around 30 min. with alufolio covered .. removed folio and continued baking for another 30 min.


  1. This cheesecake looks wonderful however Quark cheese is unavailable in my area (illinois) I have looked everywhere and can't find it. do you have a substitution or a recipe for it?


  2. Hi susie,

    ya this cheesecake is delicious n my husband's fav. too.

    sorry that u didn't get Quark, unfortunately its not available in many countries , used mainly in germ. & nearby countries.
    Many people use Sour cream or Cream cheese as alternatives. I have one recipe like this,
    5 Pck. Frischkäse,Cream cheese (each 250g)
    250 gm sugar
    3 tsp flour
    1 tsp Buttervanille-Aroma
    4 Eggs
    200 - Sour Creme
    Beat everything well in the given order & then to oven.u kno how!

    Anyway you can prepare the choco base & do the other techniques using this recipe .for the filling use a usual cheese cake recipe like the one above .All the best ;)

    n Keep buzzing !!



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