Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Carrot Peas pulao

Carrot Peas pulao Recipe

Carrot Peas pulao

Things needed :

Basmati rice - 500 gm
Peas - 2 cups (225 gm)
Carrot -2 (200 gm)
Ginger Garlic chopped - 2sp (1sp from each)
Green chillies - 3 slit
Spices - Cinnamon 3 small sticks , Cloves 7 , Cardamom 3 crushed , Bay leaves 2 broken
Nuts & Raisins

for topping,
Onion - 1 thinly sliced (about 175 gm)
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
Ghee (clarified butter)

Preparation method :

Soak the basmati rice & keep aside.

Heat Ghee in a deep vessel . Roast nuts . Keep aside.
Fry sliced Onions. Keep aside.

Add cinnamon,cloves,cardamom , bay leaves into the Ghee .
When the cloves stars to splutter, add the ginger-garlic chopped & green chillies. Fry till the rawness goes.

Add the cut carrots & saute for 2 min. that it wont mash after cooked
( Adding the carrots earlier with the rice will give a slight color to the rice .Thats why I prefer to add now.You can also cook the carrots later with Peas & add all with the rice.)

Add the soaked , drained clean rice to the vessel.

Add water double the quantity of the rice. For me it was 4 glasses.

Add salt. Allow to cook , closing the lid.

Cook the Peas separately adding small quantity of water and a pinch of salt. Peas only need some water to cook .
(The Peas are not cooked with rice in order to avoid spreading the taste of peas into the rice.So its added only in the last mixing time.)

After the rice has finished cooking , take a handful of rice from it.
In an empty pan or vessel ( i used the one in which i used for cooking Peas ) pour 1 sp oil or ghee add 1/2 levelled tsp turmeric & fry it in oil until the rawness goes . Then add the rice into it . Mix well. The colorful rice is ready.

Now add the cooked Peas, colored rice , fried onions, roasted nuts & raisins to the cooked rice and mix using a fork.

Serve with a salad , pappad whatever you like to have with it.

I made it on a holiday so got enough time to make a Beef fry to go with it :)


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