Sunday, 31 May 2009

Strawberry Forever !!!

Its summer . We can buy fresh strawberries from fields .The special thing is that the farmers will let us pluck them ourselves it is a lot of fun..

Its been some time I have been wishing to go to strawberry fields , but I never got a chance ..Today I got the big chance ..We were there n I saw a biggg strawberry field lots of bushes with red strawberries some still got flowers .Very fresh air, could breath the soul inside was a different world .Was a big change for us since we live in an appartment n see only appartments out of the window....

It was a hill area ...could clearly see the clouds and was bit windy. Wheat fields & spargel fields are also nearby ..
It was my first experience plucking fruits for myself. I always craved to go to fields when i was india , but there we don't have such opportunities. Next I will go for Apple fields sometime.

We brought a big basket with us to collect strawberries . Husband got tired after few rounds of plucking ..then our son was also awake , so he took care of him...

My son was so comfortable in the hay in the field..he plucked one strawberry n started chewing on it with his 2 small teeths was funny when we came out of the field his mouth n face were all red , he was still chewing one !

Myself was wandering around searching each n every bush for ripe red strawberries..some were unripe , need 3-4 days more to ripe..some still had white flowers with bees around them..

I plucked n plucked, also ate a dozen in meantime n reached almost one end of the field..n it was around 7.5 Kilos which we collected , for 16 Euros it was very cheaper compared to the market price . Also the quality was much much better than those from markets..tasting much sweeter .

Saw also other people coming there with family . Especially the little ones they are enjoying the best there..They are filling their baskets with strawberries & eating as well ..
One little girl was crying while her parents were about to leave , but she don't like to leave the field..

As we had too much of them collected , we gave some to our neighbours.
With the rest I made sorbet , shakes and Jam . All these recipes are very easy!!


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