Sunday, 7 June 2009

Strawberry Jam

Things Needed :
Strawberry - 2 kilos
Gelierzucker (Jam sugar or gelling sugar) - 1 kilo

Preparation Method:
Make some airtight containers clean and ready for storing the jam.
Wash the strawberries . Cut them into chunks . Puree it in blender without adding water.
The puree will be anyway watery. Don't panic.
Heat a pan. Add the puree and Gelierzucker into this . Mix well .
Keep mixing since we don't want it to stick to the bottom.
Let the mixture boil once . Again cook it further for 5 min. in medium flame .
When it is done , don't let it cool .Transfer into an airtight container immediately .


  1. I love strawberry season as well - these are my favourite ways to cook them too! My friend made a quick cake with the tortenboden (I think from the store) a little bit of pudding & fresh strawberries on top. I know it's common in Germany, but I only like it with strawberries! :-)

  2. yes strawberry torte and the things to make it are available in every supermarkt here. the pudding u use on top of the Boden need not to be cooked, just have to mix well with water ..they have made so many things easy that , any one can make it in minutes. I was looking forward to go to another strawberry field , but the season got over now....coming is apple season in Aug-Sept. So much looking forward to it !!


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