Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rava Kesari or Kesari Bhaat


Sooji makes very quick desserts without much pain and Kesari is one of it. All you have to do is roast it in a pan and add milk , sugar and dry nut n fruits . You can even add bit of food colour if you want to make it for your guests.

Its form and shape is also upto your choice. You can either pour it in a mould to get like pudding shape or you can move it into a greased tray to make it like fudge shape. Choice is yours.

You can decorate it with nuts and dry grapes or alternatively with some candied peel .

This kesari I used to make often at home, when I have sugar craving.
Its always delicious and the plate will be empty in seconds.

Things needed :

Rava - 100 gm ( roasted or unroasted)
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Milk - 200 gm
Sugar - 5 tbsp
Cardamom - 3 , seeds crushed
Nuts or Almonds - a handful , silvered.
Serving size for 3 persons.

Preparation method :

Heat Ghee in a nonstick pan in medium heat , add unroasted rava and roast it uniformly by continously stirring . A nice aroma comes of roasted rava and its color changes a litle bit.
If the rava is already roasted then just add it to the pan, no need to roast it again .
Add milk to this . Mix well .
Add sugar cardamom and allow the milk to reduce.
When it thickens and seperates from the pan add the nuts and mix once.
Apply some ghee to a bowl & Transfer the kesari into it. Allow to cool and move to a serving plate. Decorate with nuts or dried grapes or candied peel.
I had some left over candied peel in the refrigerator so I used it. First put the candied peel in the bottom of the bowl and then put the kesari mix over it. .. Decoration is always upto you !!



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