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Sponge Cake


It's 4 weeks for Christmas & the first candle has been enlightened this Sunday..Of course its going to be a very special Christmas this time with my son & family ..We have lots of plans this time & one of them is to make a big Christmas cake for the family .So I decided to start my baking sessions.. Starting with the sponge cake here .

Things Needed :

Eggs - 8
All purpose flour - 100 gm
Sugar - 225 gm
Corn flour - 60 gm
Butter melted - 60 gm
Vanilla - 1 sp

Things needed for the Chocolate covering & cream :

Chocolate - 1 pack
Cream - 1 pack , 250 gm
Powder sugar - 3 sp ( if you don't have then grind the sugar into powder :)... )
Almonds - some chopped for decoration.
Hazel nuts - around 10

Let's start the recipe now..

First step is the separation of egg whites & yolks.

Neatly separate the Egg yolks & whites . Take good care that the egg yolks even in a small quantity shouldn't be present in the whites.
The presence of egg yolks in white can prevent the whites from being frothy...this can seriously affect the cake recipe.
I learned this the hard way ..after trying 2 times ..

You can preheat the oven to 175 degrees before starting the recipe. This can help the baking faster.

Treating the egg yolks

  1. Beat the egg yolks until creamy .
  2. Then add 1 spoons of sugar . Beat well . Add another spoon of sugar . Again beat well.
  3. Add 1 sp vanilla essence . Beat well for some time.
  4. The mixture doubles in volume. Keep it aside.

Treating the egg whites

Clean the utensils which you used to beat the yolks before beating the whites. The presence of yolks will prevent the yolks from being frothy...

  1. Beat until the white become frothy like in the first picture.
  2. Add remaining sugar 1 spoon at a time & mix well beating.
  3. You can notice the mixture is getting thicker and thicker .(Picture 2, 3)
  4. Finally take out the beater if the mixture won't fell down , it's ready.

Preparing the cake batter

Now while the yolks & whites are ready , lets mix them properly with other ingredients to make the cake batter.

Add the egg yolks to the whites.

Combine using a spatula .
Don't simmer or beat while combining.
Just give gentle strikes to mix.

Using a sieve add the flour & corn flour into the mixture

Again mix it applying gentle strokes.
But mix well so that the flour will be well mixed in it, without forming any lumps in the cake.

Time to add the butter.
Add it to the batter & also mix well .

The resulting cake batter should look like this .

Transfer it into your baking tray.

Spread the top surface using the spatula.

Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven .
The cake is ready when a wooden skewer when inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

Using a thin sharp knife make a round around the cake , so that it will get separated from the tray.

Open the tray & transfer the cake to a board .

The basic sponge cake is ready I will do some decorations on it.

Get the white cream ready by beating well Cream & sugar together.

Cut the cake in the middle .
Look at the inside portion.If its lump free like a sponge then you have made the right cake.

Next apply the cream over it using spoon or knife.

Place the upper portion on it .

Melt the chocolate glazing & gently pour it over the top surface of the cake . Allow the chocolate top to cool down.

Then with the remaining Cream you can do some decorations like you wanted.
You can also decorate using some chopped almonds ..its fine whatever you do..its your cake.

Now cut the cake & have it with a cup of coffee..

Make it yourself & let me know.

I thank videojug for teaching me the fundamentals of baking ...
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  1. was the cake really spongy and moist?because iv'e tried thousand recipes and neevr found a spongy cake recipe yet?so please tell and and i will try it
    thank you

  2. yes it was really spongy, cuz we are beating the egg yolks & white very creamy ...the small small bubbles is y its sponge like..ya pay attention always when u r seperating egg into yolks & whites should be a clean one, the presence egg yolks in whites prevents it from being creamy like we want it !

  3. No need to use baking powder??

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    No need of baking powder while we are using corn flour . Corn flour is commonly used in baking for that puffness .

    hav fun with baking
    c u around

  5. hey thnks a lot for the reply :) will try it and let u knw :)


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