Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Different Indian Biriyanis

Biryani or 'Biriyani' like we say it in south india ... is a special dish cooked with mainly rice, chicken , vegetables , spices and herbs.
Since it contains so many things together its a complete meal and very satisfying.
Its so aromatic that it's smell makes you really craving for it . Because of its wide popularity it is used in partys , wedding functions etc

The special ingredients causing its unique flavour are Ghee(clarified butter used mainly in Indian cooking) & the spices bay leaves , cloves,cardamom, cumin , cinnamon , coriander , turmeric and bit of chilly . Green cardamoms are used mainly in south indian biriyanis while big black cardamoms are a must in north indian ones.

Non vegetarian Biriyanis include,

Chicken Biriyani
Chicken Biriyani,Rice cooked with chicken , spices and herbs
Mutton/Lamb Biriyani
Mutton Biriyani

Fish Biriyani
Shrimp biriyani
& Beef biriyani

Also vegetarian biriyani is prepared for veg lovers with different vegetables like Peas , carrot , green beans, onions , Bell pepper ..etc.

Vegetarian biriyani
Vegetable biriyani

Each place has got its customized version for Biriyani, with slight changes from here & there.
Bombay , Sindhi , Awdhi(Lucknow), Madras ,Hyderabad,Kozhikode biriyani are all popular biriyani versions from different sides of india.

Kozhikode biriyani

Meat is either cooked separate from the rice & then later mixed to it OR cooked together with rice. This way of cooking meat inside the rice is called 'Dum style ' Biriyani.

Another Indian rice dish pretty much similar to Biriyani is fried rice or pullao( or even said pulav) in which the gravy mixture is not prepared like in Biriyani.

Peas Capsicum Pulao
Peas Capsicum Pulao


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