Thursday, 7 May 2009

Banana Gheer

Things needed :Bananas - 4, 600gm
Jaggery- 160 gm
Ghee- 2sp
Coconut milk
cream -5 tbsp 1/2 bottle

Cardamom - 5 crushed
Nuts and raisins - a handful

Preparation method :Slice the peeled bananas . Boil or steam them adding a small quantity of water.
Grind them to a paste ( dont need to be a a fine paste).
Add Jaggery to the water in which we cooked banana . Heat until it dissolves completely. Use a strainer to remove impurities in the Jaggery if any.
Else add the Banana paste to this. Add 2 sp ghee . Mix well .
Add 3 tbsp cream coconut milk and cook until it thickens and oil seperates to the top.
Add rest 2 tbsp coconut milk. Cardamom crushed ,nuts & raisins and mix well .
Boil once and finish .


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