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Sambar - Mixed vegetable Curry

Kerala Special Sambar
Kerala Special Sambar

SAMBAR - South Indian Mixed Vegetable Curry

In most places their will be a dish containing different vegetables, prepared mainly to consume the leftover vegetables. eg: pizzas for Italinas,.Sambar is such a side dish for Keralites.

This recipe is a kerala special Sambar.. My mom is a sambar fan and used to drink sambar in spoons n cups even if her lunch is over looong b4..due to her sambar craze we call her appending sambar in front of her name .. Sambar is a regular member in our family whether its usual weekday or festival time. We makes it at home as side dish for Idlis and Dosas and ofcourse rice.Its  a must to have at Onam sadyas.

This is how my mom makes sambar at home.

Things needed :

Toor Dal (Sambar parippu) 1 handful
Note : Toor Dal is needed to make the gravy thicker.
Vegetables used:
Brinjal 1 ( 250 gm)
Zuccini 1
Cucumber 1/2 long one
Shallots - 7 or 1 handful
Tomatoes - 3
Potatoes - 3
Coriander leaves a bunch 8 springs
Curry leaves - 1 spring
Tamarind pulp - 4 tbsp
Spices :
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida powder 1 tsp
Chilly powder 1 sp
Coriander powder 2 sp

others :
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Dry redchillies 4
Jaggery 1 inch piece (optional)
salt , oil

You can also use Amarakka (Indian Bean), Chembu,Carrot, Ladies Finger , Moringa or Drumstick , pumpkin as vegetables for this curry.

Serving size : 8 persons

Preparation method :

Clean and wash the toor dal. Cook it in a vessel adding enough water.
Mash the cooked dal.
Add 1/2 tsp turmeric , 1 sp salt & 1 tsp asafoelda powder .
Add all the cut vegetables, enough water & pressurecook. Note always the waterlevel should be slightly less than the vegetable level . The vege. once cooked will go below the water level.
To prepare the curry masala,
Heat oil in pan.Add mustard seeds , allow to splutter. Add red chillies brown them turning around.
Turn off the heat . Set aside the pan..allow to cool the oil a lil bit . Add the chilly powder,coriander powder Please note, the oil shouldn't be hot enough to burn the spices.

Add water & tamarind pulp to make it a paste.
Add this curry paste to the cooked vegetables. Add an inch sized piece of jaggery.Boil until you get your desired consistency.



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