Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Stuffed Banana Sweet - Nirakka

Nirakka Recipe
This sweet is made using paste of cooked Plantains ( Banana) with a filling made with egg , nuts & raisins. I don't know from where mom got the recipe of this sweet..I remember having it from school time..It tastes delicious ..Especially the filling inside is awesome , I used to have it just like that.

Things needed :

2 Ripe Bananas - Tip: It should be just ripe & not fully ripe.
All purpose flour if needed.

For the filling:
5 Cashew nuts
2 Cardamom
2 Eggs
1 sp sugar
10 sultanas

made 6 of them

Preparation method :
Prepare Batter :
Boil the bananas . Peel & mash them using mixer.

We have to make forms using this banana paste.
So if it is not tight enough we can add some all purpose flour . The flour added should be as less as possible for good taste .

I had to add 5 sp of all purpose flour to get the right batter , like in picture .Keep the batter aside.

Prepare Filling:
Beat well egg , sugar & cardamom crushed & keep aside.
Heat a spoon Ghee in a nonstick pan .
Fry the dry grapes in it till it becomes balloon like. Take it n keep aside .

Add the egg mixture to it & make fine egg scrambles by breaking the thick egg pieces by the back of the spoon.

Next add the crushed nuts & fry till very slight brown. (I added nuts in the last because it will be tougher to remove nuts from pan when its crushed to small.)

The tasty filling is ready . Now we can stuff them inside the banana paste.

Apply oil in both hand(to avoid stickiness of batter) , put 2 spoons of banana paste into it & spread it using other hand .You can use oil if needed.

Put 1 spoon filing in the middle & close the edges of the batter by pressing finger.

Fry in oil.

Its good to add 1 spoon Ghee into the oil to get good flavour.

Drain using tissue paper.
Garnish with the rest of the filling & serve.


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