Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Vermicelli Payasam - Rice Noodles n Milk Dessert

Payasam or Pradhavan is one of the favourite desserts being made in Kerala, South India. It is a must for festivals like Onam . There are different varieties of Payasam ...Ada Payasam,Kadala Payasam, Jackfruit Payasam,Banana Payasam and a lot lot more...
In North India they call it as 'Gheer' . May be cuz it consumes Ghee (clarified butter ) ..dont know.
This one is my favourite Payasam... Don't need a special reason to make it ..I am happy whenever I'm making it.It brings me memories from home.

Things needed :

Vermicelli or Sevai or Rice Noodles - 1 pack 200gm
Milk 2 litres
Sugar - 12 sp (12 sp was perfect for me ;but you can adjust to your need )
Cardamom - 6 pods crushed
Cashew nuts & dry grapes or sultanas - some
Ghee ( clarified butter ) - as needed

Preparation method :

Heat 2 spoons of Ghee in a bottom thick container in which you would like to make the Gheer .

Roast the nuts & fry sultanas until they form balloon like ..keep aside.

You can add Ghee if needed.

Add vermicelli and roast uniformly in the ghee stirring.

Add Milk in the roasted vermicelli and allow it to cook , stirring in between.

Pay attention so that the Gheer wont burn in the bottom.

When the vermicelli cooks almost , it thickens ...add sugar & stir.

Let the mixture to get a bit tastes good that way.

Mix in the crushed Cardamom & Raisins.

The tasty tasty Gheer is ready to be served.



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