Saturday, 6 December 2008

How To Make Tomato Puree - Video

You can make thick or thin puree according to your need.
Light red , thin purees you can use for making curries and dark red thick puree can be used for pizzas n so..

Watch the Video


thick tomato puree with videoI made thick red tomato puree , out of 3 tomatoes this weekend.
The Video is available in YouTube you can take a look.

This is the idea,

Make a cross at the end of the Tomato with a sharp knife.

Immerse the Tomatoes into boiling water.


When the skin separates from the flesh , Turnoff the fire.Take the tomatoes out. Let it cool

Remove the skin gently using a thin sharp knife .

If you want only thin light red Tomato puree to add in your curries then cut the peeled tomato into chunks & blend well to a puree.

Else if you want thick tomato puree then ,
Cut the tomato's red outer surface. Avoid the seed and inside portion to get the desired red color.
Saute the tomato flesh in a nonstick pan . You can add the tomato juice also into this using a sieve for getting more flavour.
When they are of a very thick consistency , turn off the heat , let it cool & blend them into a smooth thick tomato puree.



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