Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Coconut Burfi

Tasty coconut burfi


Coconut Burfi is a tasty dessert made with Coconut , Milk and nuts.

Things needed :

Coconut - 50 gm
Condensed milk -1 tin
sugar - 5 sp
Cardamom crushed - 5
Cashew nuts crushed -10
Pista 7-8

Pour the coconut in a nonstick vessel.
Saute until a slight smell of the coconut spreads.
But dont burn it or brown it ..look at the texture of the coconut in the picture.

Add the condensed milk. It should be enough to cover the coconut .

Cook by simmering continuously .
You can see the mixture is getting thick after some time .

Add the crushed Cardamom & Cashew nuts
when the mixture thickens.
Saute well.

You will see the mixture leaves out the nonstick vessel. Keep sauting for few more minutes.

There should be only enough water to make it a burfi. If there is too much of water then it will become like halwa . Refer the picture .

Greece the sides of a tray using Ghee.
Transfer the Burfi mixture into it.
Make it a square like form using a flat Spatula.
We are making thick bars out of it,
 so apply enough pressure on its sides & top surface with the spatula..

Now apply Ghee on a thin sharp knife,
using which you want to cut the Burfi..

Proceed gently cutting the Burfi.

Allow it to cool down completely .

Top it with some sliced pistachios..



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